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Here at Nimbus eCommerce we understand your business

We are an online accounting practice, working with eCommerce businesses of all shapes and sizes globally. Whether you are trading on Amazon, Shopify, eBay or WooCommerce, we have accounting solutions for you.

Our purpose is to help you transform the accounting and maximise profits in your eCommerce business, so you are stress free and can enjoy life.

Nimbus eCommerce is a modern digital accounting business founded and managed by Anita, ex-corporate accountant turned entrepreneur.

The firm is listed as a licensed practice by a prestigious accounting body in the UK – Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA). We are Certified Silver Partners and Advisors for XERO cloud accounting software. We specialize in providing migration, integration and accounting services for eCommerce businesses, mainly trading on Shopify and Amazon. We are partners with cloud applications providers: A2X, Dear Inventory Systems, Pleo, Hubdoc, Float Cash Flow Forecasting and many others.

We specialize in helping Amazon and Shopify sellers trading internationally. In particular we are passionate about working with innovative and open-minded eCommerce businesses, not being afraid of using technology. We love to have this personal connection with our clients.

We are not just traditional year-end accountants who prepare your annual accounts and tax returns. We help with the migration of the accounting function to XERO and integration with other cloud applications to help you manage your eCommerce business.

XERO cloud accounting is different. It integrates smoothly with most common eCommerce applications and allows online sales transactions to flow seamlessly to the accounting system. This makes the reconciliation much easier and saves a lot of time needed for processing manual entries.

XERO cloud accounting is a perfect solution for eCommerce businesses.

Who We Are

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Anita Sajkiewicz

Founder / Director

I am a passionate accountant with many years of experience in industry, corporate finance sector. I enjoy helping small businesses transform and automate their accounting function in order to make informed business decisions. In my free time, I love outdoor activities, like hiking, cycling, swimming and practicing yoga.

Adam Nimbus eCommerce

Adam Sajkiewicz

Executive Marketing Director

I am an experienced engineer passionate about digital technology and the potential it creates for modern businesses. I am also very interested in digital marketing, web creation and e-commerce integration with other applications. My hobby is 3D printing, surfing, hiking, kayaking and cycling. I also love cooking.

Good work life balace executive


Good Work Life Balance Executive

Meet Luna, our in-house Good Work-Life Balance Executive! 🐾 In a world where the numbers never sleep, Luna is our fluffy reminder to pause, breathe, and maybe throw a ball or two. Here’s a glimpse into her tail-wagging responsibilities:

– Chief Morale Booster: Luna’s infectious energy and wagging tail bring smiles and an instant mood uplift. She’s a pro at sensing when the stress levels are up and swoops in with her signature move – the cuddle nudge.

Break Time Coordinator: Ever lost track of time while reconciling those accounts? Luna’s here to gently remind you that it’s time to step away from the screen. Whether it’s a quick walk or a moment in the sun, she’s your go-to for scheduling those much-needed breaks.

– Team Bonding Specialist: Luna believes a well-bonded team is the key to success. She’s always ready for group activities, be it a game of fetch or a communal lunch in the park. Her philosophy is simple: teamwork makes the dream work, especially when there’s a frisbee involved.

– Stress Reduction Consultant: Got a problem that’s knotting up your brain? Luna’s here with her therapeutic presence, offering silent support or a head to pat, reminding you that sometimes, all you need is a paw to hold.

– Work-Life Balance Advocate: Luna embodies the perfect balance of work and play. She’s a constant reminder that while work is important, so is taking time to enjoy life’s simple pleasures – like a good belly rub or a nap in the sunshine.

In her paw-some role, Luna is not just a pet; she’s the heart of our team, teaching us every day that happiness and health are the real profits we should be chasing. With Luna around, we’re not just better accountants; we’re happier humans. 🐶💼

Luna is an invaluable member of our team and she is a working dog from home!


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