Xero for e Commerce lesson#1

I\’ve been quiet for the last couple of weeks. Just had to take a break from the usual busy schedule. I have to admit that I was very concerned that my absence would have a negative impact on my business.

But you know what? It didn\’t! There was no major disaster, we didn\’t lose any clients. It\’s rather the opposite 😃

Here at Nimbus we have been working intensely on delivering more valuable content to our followers. We are very passionate about helping small businesses operating in eCommerce space. We focus on helping eCommerce businesses automate their accounting function with XERO Accounting Software and other fantastic applications. 

So we have created a FREE online course especially for you!

If you are trading online or thinking about starting an eCommerce business, this course is for you. Most certainly you have many questions around keeping proper accounting records for your eCommerce business.

In this training we introduce you to XERO cloud accounting system and we talk through the major benefits of using XERO for eCommerce.

We will be delivering one lesson every week here on LinkedIn. You will get the most common questions answered by an experienced chartered accountant:

  • What is cloud accounting?

  • What are the benefits of cloud software like XERO?

  • Why XERO is the best solution for e-commerce

  • XERO dashboard overview

  • XERO business performance overview

  • How to process purchase invoices in XERO?

  • How to raise and send customer invoices in XERO?

  • How to issue customer quotes in XERO?

  • Why and how to do bank reconciliations?

  • Options to integrate XERO and e-commerce platforms

  • We will also go through some practical examples to help you with the learning.

Here is the first chapter of our FREE course: “Introduction to XERO and Benefits for eCommerce”. Lesson 1 – Introduction. Concept of cloud accounting.

What does “in the cloud” mean?

It means that all information related to your transactions is stored on external servers rather than on a hard drive. You can access your company records anytime and from any device. You can manage your business without being tied to an office.

You can access your company records anytime and from any device. You can manage your business without being tied to an office.

Why is the old-fashioned software not so good?

The main problem with the old-style desktop software is lack of flexibility. It only works on one machine and you have to move data manually from one computer to another. Moving files via e-mail or using USB drives is neither safe nor efficient.

Cost of backing up the data, updating and upgrading the software is high. It can also be a time consuming and complicated process. Besides the customer support is slow and quite expensive.

To find out more take a look yourself…


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