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Do I Need an Accountant for My Shopify Business?

These days, entrepreneurs recognize the importance of expanding their local businesses to global markets such as Amazon and Shopify. While the process of moving online may be relatively straightforward, managing the financial aspects of an e-commerce business can become overwhelming, especially when dealing with international orders and complex transactions. This is where an accountant can play a crucial role in streamlining your business operations and ensuring financial success. In this blog post, we will explore the reasons why having an accountant for your Shopify business is essential, and how they can help you navigate the challenges of online entrepreneurship.

Having Steady Sales

Regardless of the scale of your Shopify business, keeping a record of your revenues and expenditures is vital for gaining insights into your financial performance. By tracking your sales and expenses, you can analyze earning patterns, identify areas of improvement, and make informed business decisions. An accountant can efficiently manage this process, relieving you of the burden of tracking daily sales and providing valuable financial insights.

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Accepting International Orders

Managing international invoices, tax compliance, and currency conversions can be complex for e-commerce businesses. When accepting international orders, a professional accountant can ensure that your business complies with tax regulations, prepare GST invoices and shipping tax-related documents, and accurately record transactions in local currencies. Their expertise in international transactions can help you navigate potential pitfalls and streamline your cross-border operations.

Business Existence and Payroll Management

If your Shopify business has a physical presence or employs staff, it becomes crucial to maintain accurate records of employee payroll. From your online shipping and packaging crew to employees working at a physical location, an accountant can assist you in generating payroll, calculating taxes, and managing the financial aspects of your workforce. By ensuring accurate and timely payroll management, an accountant helps keep your business running smoothly.

Business Loans and Financial Guidance

Taking a business loan can be a strategic move to fuel growth, but repaying the loan requires careful planning and financial analysis. An accountant can provide valuable guidance on structuring loan repayments based on your financial situation, helping you choose the most profitable loan options with favorable interest rates. Their expertise in financial management can positively impact your business’s financial health and long-term sustainability.


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Preparing Accurate Balance Sheets

At the end of each financial year, businesses need to prepare financial statements, including balance sheets that accurately reflect their financial position. Even if you have a commerce background, relying on an accountant to prepare these statements ensures their accuracy and compliance with accounting standards. Professional accountants possess the necessary expertise to compile financial reports, allowing you to focus on growing your business.


In the competitive online market, an accountant serves as a vital partner for your Shopify business, much like a trusted doctor for your health. Their role extends beyond bookkeeping, as they provide financial guidance, prepare charts and graphs to assess business performance, and help you make informed decisions. Whether you’re managing steady sales, international orders, physical operations, business loans, or financial statements, an accountant can contribute significantly to your business’s success.

By hiring a professional accountant, you can confidently navigate the complexities of your Shopify business and unlock its true potential.


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