Integrate Xero and eCommerce platforms - Lesson 11

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Lesson 11 –¬†Integrate Xero and eCommerce platforms.

It is possible to link the eCommerce platforms with Xero, for example Amazon or Shopify. Let\’s focus on these two platforms to understand the benefits of linking them directly with Xero.

The effect of the integration is that every sales transaction going through your online shop will be exported to Xero. You will not have to enter these sales invoices manually, they will appear automatically in the system. You can define the settings, tell the system which account sales should go to and also set up automated invoice approvals.

Once you establish the link, the transactions will start flowing through and they will be sent every couple of hours from Amazon or Shopify to Xero. What you need to do is just your bank reconciliations, just double check and do your approval. You can set up different levels of your intervention into how it happens but in general it can be fully automated so minimum intervention from you will be required. You will just need to overlook if the synchronisation between the systems works properly.


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The major point here is that processing and reconciliation of your Amazon or Shopify sales transactions with Xero can be automated.

Because the transactions are matched and reconciled on ongoing basis, there is no issue at the end of the month. Like for example, you cannot reconcile your bank movements with what you sold on Amazon and you don\’t have any idea what you were paid for.

That\’s the major benefit of the integration. Xero is integrating with most common eCommerce platforms: Amazon, Shopify, eBay, WooCommerce.

If you are already running an eCommerce business or you are thinking about starting out, think about your accounting system at the beginning.

We can migrate your accounts from any platform after a year or even two years of trading but it\’s much more expensive and time-consuming when we have to migrate historical transactions to Xero. The best idea is to think about it at the start and set it up at the beginning of your business as early as possible.

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